Chief Executive Officer and designer behind the brand, Nicole D’Andrea was inspired at a young age by the art of shoe making and repair. Her education began as she sat in awe of her grandfather laboring in his cobbler shop, a trade he brought to America. Nicole received precious cultural heritage, work ethic and design sensibility from both her grandparents and carries this into the d’andrea collection.
Nicole’s technical knowledge was eagerly absorbed while working with prestigious fashion icons such as BCBG’s Max Azria and LD Tuttle. She also had the privilege of studying under Ars Suttoria of Milan after attending The International Academy of Design and Technology in Chicago. These experiences gave Nicole the knowledge to shop quality leathers, source the best hardware and understand the pattern-making process involved to develop conceptual design. A practical application of these experiences allow her to realize an endeavor that was long romanticized: a collection of her own.

Today, confident ladies and well-heeled travelers are discovering an emerging line of handbags that serve as luxury design elements to elevate image and compliment status. The d’andrea handbag collection makes it possible to achieve sophistication in any form of taste. Attention to detail is at the heart of the 2015 Mister Collection. Every piece stands alone, constructed in the United States with hand selected leathers and quality fixtures.


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